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Company introduction

New Shantou Xintai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, is an air compressor system sales and upgrade of industry, set design, engineering, customer service service as one of the large-scale company. The company mainly engaged in screw air compressor, away from the core air compressor, sliding vane air compressor, no oil air compressor, as well as gas tank, dryer, precision filter, such as the rear of air purification equipment.

The company is a handful of eastern region's largest air compressor system professional company, is China Ingersoll-Rand Co directly authorized only a general agent Chaozhou Guangdong enterprises. &ldquo company with professional, integrity and service; ” business philosophy, to provide energy efficient, durable, low noise and high quality products, and has been widely used in chemical, printing, packaging, paper, food, pharmaceutical, textile, glass, oxygen and many other fields.

company has established a comprehensive system of management and installation specifications, according to customer requirements for air compressor system at the design, including the system design of air pressure ventilation room, also comprises a plurality of control system of air compressor pipeline design and installation, the design efficiency can reach no loss of pressure does not leak, fully meet the centralized gas supply system and automatic pressure regulator.

at present, the company has more than a hundred service customers, the service companies are the industry's outstanding enterprises and large listed companies, including the top 500 companies in the country dozens of. Company to improve the professional after-sales service in place to win the customer's general trust and praise, but also to achieve the healthy development of the company's business.

company will combine the advanced technology at home and abroad, with more perfect quality and service, to provide you with more high-quality products, and is willing to work with you to join hands in creating a better future for the world of power.

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